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Swilly Traffic Solutions offers first class construction traffic control services for building locations, open utility ventures and extraordinary occasions. We have profoundly expert teams that incorporate RMS-licensed traffic controllers to direct operations, efficiencies and safety in traffic control and flow – and we will meet your time constraints. With many years of traffic control involvement and an advanced fleet of vehicles, we’re the one you need.

As a leader in construction traffic control services, we have the ability and innovation to guarantee that you manage your building, road and telecommunication projects on time and safely. We offer nonstop services covering both rural and urban streets. You will maximise your profit margin by choosing specially designed signage plans and innovative road-flagging equipment. We adopt a customised strategy that organises the wellbeing of your workers and road users alike.

We’ve invested years in building up Swilly Traffic Solutions to prepare our workers in protected, and expert construction traffic management services. We can rapidly and adequately react to your traffic control needs, project requirements and expectations. No two traffic control projects are the same and accordingly, we make the time to thoroughly address your project and your traffic control plans with you. We will also visit your site to more comprehensively understand the layouts and the potential risks. We will assemble a certified group for your project which will include workers, team leaders, advanced group leaders who will report to dedicated field professionals, and safety experts.

Swilly Traffic Solutions gives total solutions for traffic management and traffic control situations in Australia. We have practical experience in traffic control, permits and planning. Swilly Traffic Solutions utilises Australian Traffic Control Standards Certified Traffic Controllers and directors who promote Occupational Health and Safety standards to our customers, the public and road construction workers. Feel free to contact our team for experts for projects!

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For any enquiry, questions or commendations,
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About Swilly Traffic Solutions

Swilly Traffic Solutions is a supplier of the best quality traffic management services in Sydney, NSW. We are one of the leading traffic control agencies and are renowned for our quality and timely services.